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Thanks to all over Over 30s viewers

Hi Everyone, firstly thanks to everyone who has supported or used the OVER 30’s Directory since I started it a couple of years ago. I came up with the idea as I used to find it quite hard to find somewhere to go out and have a good time without feeling out of place. You have guessed I am Over 30!! So I created this directory…. as with all new ventures it took a lot of hard work to get it going but slowly it has developed into the Number 1 directory for over 30s.

There are so many of us Over 30s in the UK

Myself, not being a great lover of spam, I did not really bother with a email database for viewers of the site. I thought just keep it simple. The last few months I have had a change of heart.. How about a email list that actually gave people over 30s something worth joining in on? I began to think about it….we have a great opportunity to use the huge amount of us who are over 30 to actually get some benefit from our numbers.

Let us Over 30’s group together for our own benefit!

If there are enough of us grouped together, we can then ask for more from the clubs we attend, the products we buy (ie insurance for over 30s, Over 30’s holidays, almost anything that is relevant to our age group) and many other aspects of life as an over 30.

How can you help?

For now, while we get organised and you pass back your ideas back to us, we need you to spread the word to get everyone to join the Over 30s Friends Group. Mention it on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or simply tell your over 30s friends next time you are out with them!


If it isn’t worth a mention, I wont send it your way. Thanks again for all your help, Over 30’s UK National Directory

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